Add your website

On Jarside, you can add your website (only wordpress supported) in order to automatically publish all generated articles through Jarside.

In this guide, we are going to see how you can your wordpress.

Install Jarside plugin on your Wordpress and activated it

The unique way to link your wordpress with Jarside it's to install our plugin to your wordpress.

You can download our plugin here!

This plugin will make the connection between Jarside and your Wordpress in order to proceed with the publication of your articles.

You don't need to configure anything, just install and activate the plugin.

In addition, the source code of the plugin is available here: jarside-auth-003.

You can see that we use the wordpress API which is available on each wordpress via the wp-json endpoint.

Create a specific user on your Wordpress for Jarside

After installing our plugin on your wordpress. It is important to create a specific user for Jarside on your Wordpress. Go to your dashboard and add a user.

Then, it is important to assign the "Jarside Editor" role for this new user so that Jarside can publish the generated content.

Add your website through our API

Then, you can add your website on Jarside through our API by using the create a website endpoint.


  curl --location --request POST '' \
    --header 'Authorization: Bearer {token}' \
    --form 'url=""' \
    --form 'login="login"' \
    --form 'password="password"'

Generate an article for your website

Then, once your site is added, you can generate an article for this website using the endpoint generate an article and passing it the website_uuid of your site that you just added.


curl --location --request POST '' \
--header 'Authorization: Bearer {token}' \
--form 'keyword="bmw"' \
--form 'h2_count="4"' \
--form 'language="fr"' \
--form 'title="L'\''histoire de BMW"' \
--form 'website_uuid="fd127af8-d847-4823-81f4-b6e60433b55e"' \
--form 'category_uuid="6a17f57f-9ffe-4add-bb2c-2f53e72ed0a1"' \
--form 'publish_at="2023-02-18T16:10:00.000Z"'


If you have difficulties to add your website to Jarside please check that the endpoint /wp-json is available and accessible on your Wordpress.

Please check that our plugin is installed and activated on your wordpress.

Please check that the user that you have created for Jarside does have the Jarside Editor role.